Another Competition for Illustrators…

Wraptious Artist Competition

I’ve recently come across another competition for illustrators, to add to the ones I mentioned in my last post. This one is run by the gift company Wraptious, and it’s fun to enter because not only do you get to see what your artwork would look like as a vegan-suede cushion, print or canvas, you and others can also buy these items, which are made to order for a limited time.

Wraptious collaborates with artists to produce a range of giftware products, from greetings cards and T-shirts to clocks, mugs and placemats. Their competitions to find new artists are free to enter and open to everyone. When you enter you can choose to have a link to your website or social media page included next to your artwork so that customers can see more of your work.

How do you enter?

There is a maximum of five entries per artist and you keep the ownership and copyright of all art submitted. Each piece of artwork must be a square jpeg between 2400 and 4000 pixels wide, RGB at 300dpi. See for further instructions on uploading your designs.

How are the winners decided?

Once you have uploaded your entries they become available as cushions, canvases and prints on the Wraptious competition page for people to view or order. They also get posted on the Wraptious Facebook page. Each like or share on Facebook gets you 1 point, and each sale of a cushion, canvas or print gets you 100 points and a small artists commission. Voters have to have a Facebook account, and voting is open until 16th June 2019.

To make the competition fairer for artists who don’t have a Facebook account, they only select 6 of the 12 shortlisted artists via Facebook votes. The other 6 are chosen directly by Wraptious.

What do you win?

The 12 shortlisted artists are promoted in the Wraptious newsletter and their work is shared with Wraptious trade buyers, who will also stock the winning artists’ cushions and prints for a limited time if desired. The overall winner(s) get to join Wraptious and have their artwork promoted for at least two years as a giftware range.

Entries for this competition close on 5th June 2019, but if you miss the deadline and fancy seeing your art in cushion form, keep an eye out for the next one, as they apparently run two competitions each year!

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